CNN Exec Gets Roasted After Disturbing Claim About Joe Biden

CNN Exec Gets Roasted After Disturbing Claim About Joe Biden

( – Mainstream media has done its best over the last five years to undermine Donald Trump’s initial presidential campaign, presidency, and re-election bid. Now, it seems hell-bent on doing the opposite for Joe Biden.

A perfect case in point is a tweet posted by CNN’s head of global strategic communications, Matt Dornic. Were one to take his tweet seriously, it would mean he thinks a good old-fashioned fireworks display would evoke the fear of God in our nation’s enemies.

However, Twitter users were quick to respond, with several individuals roasting Dornic for his ridiculous post. For instance, Fox News contributor Joe Concha called it the year’s “Best Unintentional Comedy,” adding that anyone who read the tweet was “dumber… having read it.”

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck observed that the post served as a preview of coming attractions — that anyone at CNN daring to cover the antics of the Biden administration impartially would risk losing their job.

It does appear the tide of mainstream media sentiment is already well on its way towards offering unwavering support to Biden and his cronies.

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