Coach Reportedly Shot Multiple Times Protecting Kids From Shooting

Coach Reportedly Shot Multiple Times Protecting Kids From Shooting

( – A story out of Jacksonville, Florida, reveals the very best and the very worst of human existence. A 21-year-old football coach was doing a good deed by taking four boys home from the Legends Center and Gymnasium, where they were trying out for the team on December 3. But in another vehicle was an individual who began shooting at his SUV, killing one of the young men and severely injuring the coach, who reportedly put his life on the line to shield his passengers from the onslaught of bullets.

The attorney for the unnamed coach, John Phillips, spoke on behalf of his client. He said police have yet to identify a suspect in the case. The coach only thought about protecting the boys when reportedly he threw his body into the path of the shots, taking 10 bullets and suffering severe injuries. Phillips explained his client remained in the hospital as of December 7.

Unfortunately, the coach wasn’t the only one to suffer harm in the incident at the Moncrief Road and New Kings Road intersection. An unnamed 11-year-old also had injuries, and 13-year-old Prince Holland died in the attack. On the evening of December 7, a candlelight vigil was held for Holland.

In a press conference, Jacksonville Sheriff TK Waters expressed the need to find whoever committed this horrible crime. He announced officers would continue to pursue the culprits and noted they would not stop until they found them. A reward of $14,000 was offered for information leading to the capture of those responsible.

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