Coast Guard Saves Stranded Fisherman During Storm

Coast Guard Saves Stranded Fisherman During Storm

Fisherman Got STRANDED – Then the Coast Guard Rushed In

( – The US Coast Guard had to rush to the aid of a fisherman caught in Tropical Storm Earl on September 4. The 50-year-old had left his boat on Dog Island to fish, but the waves quickly became unmanageable. They were topping six feet when the crew showed up to pull off a daring helicopter rescue.

The situation occurred just southeast of St. Thomas in the Caribbean. Earl came in swiftly, taking the fisherman by surprise. Luckily, his friend remained on the 26-foot boat and was able to call for help.

Lieutenant Shea Smith said the conditions were terrible with violent winds, extremely poor visibility, and spraying waters, but the team had trained for this type of mission and carried it off successfully. They used an MH-60T Jayhawk helicopter, attempting first to lower a rope to the man. He failed to reach it because of the rough conditions. The team sent a rescue swimmer to bring him off the rocks.

The man went to Schneider Regional Medical Center for treatment for injuries he sustained as he clung to the rocky island. His identity, injuries, and current condition remain unknown.

Tropical Storm Earl gradually gained strength as it passed the Caribbean and headed toward Bermuda. On the evening of September 6, it became the first hurricane of the season in the Atlantic, and it’s expected to get stronger as it moves eastward.

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