College Football Coach Broke His Foot in Anger After Loss

Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, October 17, Shane Beamer of the South Carolina Gamecocks revealed that following the team’s loss to Florida he had broken his foot.

The incident occurred on Saturday following a game against the Gators, which they lost 41-39. Following the loss, Beamer reportedly kicked something that he “shouldn’t have,” which was reported to be a Gatorade cooler.

Beamer in his statement via The State said that this occurred after the game’s emotional loss when, out of frustration, he ended up kicking something that he should not have. He stated that while originally he had thought he was all right, once the adrenaline from the game “wore off,” he realized that he should not have kicked the thing he had kicked.

Beamer, who is the head coach, joked that he would not miss time sitting on the sidelines and that he would be very likely to be there in Missouri this weekend. He added that he had allowed his emotions to overtake him and that he did not recommend that anyone follow his course of action.

In his statement, he revealed that he had also informed his players that he did not condone such behavior and that they should not be kicking things after the game. He also revealed that his kids had also seen him and thought, “What the heck?” which has taught him a lesson over this incident which he referred to as “stupid” on his end.

Beamer stated that he did not want anyone flipping the narrative on this incident and that while frustrated, he took the blame for the game’s loss and decided to kick the cooler. He added that he had not done enough to help his players win the game.

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