Colombian Towns Shut Down As Alleged Drug Lord Is Extradited

Colombian Towns Shut Down As Alleged Drug Lord Is Extradited

Hostile TAKEOVER – Cartel Members Wreak Havoc

( – Cocaine has flowed from Colombia to the United States for decades, causing countless addictions and deaths. The US government often tries to bring those responsible stateside to dispense justice in response to the rampant crime arriving on America’s shores. Yet, the most recent extradition of a cartel leader led to nearly half of Colombia shutting down due to cartel violence and threats.

On Wednesday, May 4, Colombian police officers escorted Dairo Antonio Úsuga David, commonly called “Otoniel,” to a plane that would extradite the alleged leader of the Gulf Clan cartel to the United States. In response, the loyal employees of the drug cartel announced an “armed stoppage” and wreaked havoc in the northern towns of Colombia, randomly shooting civilians and setting fire to cars in protest.

The New York Post shared a photo of one such incident:

While the violence seemed to be coming to a close on Monday, the weekend of destruction highlighted the hold cocaine cartels still have over the nation. Reports detailed how whole towns shut down, gas companies stopped delivering, and markets closed as civilians tried to stay safe and out of sight. Colombia and its leaders still haven’t managed to throw off the heavy shackles of violence and drugs.

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