Columnist Expresses Concerns About Joe Biden

Photo by Suzy Brooks on Unsplash

( – Ross Douthat, a New York Times opinion columnist, wrote an opinion article on Wednesday, September 13, in which he provided an analysis of President Joe Biden’s “decline.” Many other columnists have similarly expressed concerns the President’s age or how it could impact his ability to win the presidency.

In his piece, Douthat stated that he does not believe that the media are exaggerating the “decline” of President Biden, and that actually mainstream media appears to be “treading gingerly” around the situation. He then said that Biden’s defenders are right to be stating that the President’s age has had only mildly negative effects on his presidency. As far as he’s concerned, Biden’s shortcomings have been issues any “conservative would have of any liberal president,” and nothing to do with Biden’s mental faculties.

He proceeded to express concern that Biden, who is most likely to win the Democratic nomination in 2024, is at risk of losing to former President Donald Trump. According to him, Democrats are currently “making a fateful bet” that the current “successful management can simply continue through two sets of risks.” The first is that Biden will have a health crisis or other issue that causes him to lose the race to Trump, and the second is that he will get another four years in the White House.

He further acknowledged that it was possible that Biden would win another term in office, and that a second Biden term would not have consequences that are worse than Ronald Reagan’s term was. However, given the current political landscape, he suggested he has concerns a “punishment” might be coming for trying to keep Biden in power “notwithstanding his decline.”

Biden’s age has become a hot topic for many thought leaders and liberal columnists who have pointed out that it is a liability that could affect his aspirations to win a second term.

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