Comedian Mocks Audience Member Over Job With Biden Admin

Photo by Matthias Wagner on Unsplash

( – During a performance at the Laugh Factory in Chicago that has since gone viral on Instagram, Josh Ocean Thomas ruthlessly mocked an audience member who apparently works for the Biden administration.

“What a s*** show of a job you have!” Thomas exclaimed when an audience member, identified as “Nick,” said he works for the Biden administration. Thomas proceeded to make fun of the audience member and the administration during his remarks.

The audience laughed when Thomas queried whether it was Nick’s job to “wake [Biden] up.” During the bit, he mimed a hypothetical Biden staffer attempting to wake the President up and mockingly said, “Hey! There’s a war! Hey!” 

Thomas continued on, asking Nick what work he really did for the Biden administration. Before the audience member could respond, Thomas noted his disbelief that Nick had “admitted that in front of all these people,” joking that the alleged staffer had the “freedom to lie” about what his job was.

Nick then said his job entails traveling to southern states, prompting the comic to start an expletive-laden joke theorizing how the audience member could “sell” Biden to those who like Trump. He asked during the joke if that was his job.

The clip closed with a final joke, in which Thomas queried whether the audience member is “ready to be unemployed?” He then proceeded to ask what the audience member’s “vibe” was.

Thomas is a comedian with Laugh Factory who was previously based in Chicago before heading to Hollywood.

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