Comedian Shane Gillis Touches on Firing From “Saturday Night Live” During Host Debut

Photo by Matthias Wagner on Unsplash

( – On Saturday, February 24, during his debut as host, Shane Gillis joked to the audience that they should not ask Google why he had been fired from “Saturday Night Live” in 2019. He told the audience that there were people in the crowd who did not know who he was, but that he had been fired from SNL a few years earlier. 

In his opening monologue, he told the crowd that if they did not know who he was, it was fine and that they should not worry about it or Google that. 

In February, it was announced that Gillis would be returning to SNL as a host. He was originally fired in 2019 for some comments he made while speaking in a podcast. He also made a joke that he was designed to be a “high school football coach” and that perhaps he should not be on the stage. 

He proceeded to tell the audience that he was unsure whether or not people could tell just by looking at him, but that he had family members with Down syndrome. He then said during the monologue that it “almost” got him but that he managed to dodge it. He continued by joking that he did not have the material to be on TV but that he was trying to do his best. However, the crowd did not appear to have found the jokes funny, according to Fox News.

After he was hired in 2019, he was ousted due to the resurfacing of a clip that was found to be offensive. The clip reportedly featured Gillis and comedian Matt McCusker, who were talking about a Chinatown neighborhood. In addition to using vulgar language, Gillis used a slur when talking about the Chinese and complained about placing orders to Chinese servers at restaurants.

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