Congress Expresses Annoyance With Pentagon UFO Briefings

Congress Expresses Annoyance With Pentagon UFO Briefings

Congress Members IRKED By D.C. Briefings – Pentagon Under Fire!

( – At some point in US history, UFO and alien sightings were only commonplace when rewatching ET on a Saturday night. Yet, recent Pentagon briefings have shown contact with “unidentified aerial phenomena” is becoming more common, and the government is intensifying its research in this area. Still, many lawmakers don’t think the military is doing everything it should to investigate the strange and seemingly other-worldly encounters fully.

On Monday, May 2, POLITICO published an article detailing how members of Congress are asking the Pentagon to ramp up their research into UFOs. The news site shared its findings on Twitter:

Lawmakers like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) believe the strange UFO sightings the government has previously reported are an incredibly urgent issue, noting our nation isn’t safe if there are unexplainable objects in its skies. These politicians expected more answers from the Pentagon after passing the National Defense Authorization Act in December 2021 to fund an Anomaly Surveillance and Resolution Office to issue reports on and research such instances.

According to these lawmakers, the Pentagon is seemingly dragging its feet regarding information disclosures about these floating objects haunting our military ships and skies. Should Americans worry, or is this just another slush fund our government has bankrolled to spend money on potentially unnecessary things?

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