Congressman Takes Action After Flags Stolen

Congressman Takes Action After Flags Stolen

( – Sunny Davis, owner of Mama Penn’s Restaurant, and her staff showed up for work on May 16 as they would have on any other day. However, they noticed someone had stolen the restaurant’s American and South Carolina flags. Stunned, the restaurant offered a reward for information regarding the theft on its Facebook page. The post quickly exploded, gaining the attention of local media and their United States representative.

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) told local news station WSPA that his office noticed the post and reached out to the restaurant to replace the stolen US flag. “It’s wrong to steal a flag,” he said. When someone steals the American flag, the theft “hits a little closer to home.”

Davis said Duncan’s support “overwhelmed” her staff with gratitude. She related that the restaurant placed the flags outside the restaurant to honor first responders and military members a couple of years ago.

It’s nice to see our representatives stepping up to help people show patriotism and respect for their country. Rep. Duncan also told WSPA his office provides American flags for members of the community. They can contact his office at (864) 224-7401 for more information.

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