Conservative Non-Profit Launches Movement to Protect Elections

Conservative Non-Profit Launches Movement to Protect Elections

( – Democrats are working at breakneck speed to pass a comprehensive voting reform bill called the “For the People Act of 2021.” Anxious to get the ball rolling, President Biden signed an executive order on Sunday, March 7, promoting “access to voting” for minorities and people with “limited English proficiency,” among other disadvantaged groups.

Heritage Action for America, a conservative nonprofit group associated with the Heritage Foundation, has announced plans to spend at least $10 million on an effort to strengthen election laws in eight states that were key battlegrounds in the 2020 elections. Those states are Florida, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia.

Jessica Anderson, Heritage Action’s executive director, told Fox News her group was working with state legislators to protect America‚Äôs right to fair elections and restore trust in the electoral process.

The project will involve several public outreach initiatives, including television and internet-based advertising campaigns. Heritage Action also plans to lobby state lawmakers directly regarding fair elections and transparency.

With Democrats passing the election reform bill, it’s good to see private groups like Heritage Action taking the initiative to invest in the preservation of fair elections for all Americans.

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