Contractor’s Shady Past Reportedly Exposed Amid Durham Controversy

Clinton Operative's Shady Past Reportedly Exposed

( – The latest information from the Durham investigation pointed the finger at computer contractor Rodney L. Joffe. The allegations say the executive spied on the Trump campaign and White House, giving private information to the Clinton campaign. But what do we know about Joffe? What secrets lie in his past that could shed light on his actions?

A History of Scams

According to recent reports, in the late 1980s, Joffe used to work in direct marketing, where he ran a clock scam. The scheme allegedly involved telling people they won a Bentley IX model grandfather clock, and the lucky winners only had to pay $69.19 for shipping to get the prize.

Of course, once thousands of people fell for this, they never got the Bentley IX. Instead, they received a table-top knock-off valued at around $10.

Joffe and his partner at the time, Linda M. Carella, submitted to federal and state investigations. The United States Postal Service also looked into the pair. The computer exec settled many of the cases. After the mess, Carella parted ways with him.

He also allegedly skipped out on an almost $110,000 tax debt in Los Angeles in 1995. He moved out of California and relocated to Arizona, where he reinvented himself.

In the 1990s, the computer executive became a cybersecurity expert. Reports say he began working against people doing the same things he used to do, indicating he might have turned a leaf. However, he couldn’t seem to get away from scams.

He reportedly started working on the board of PlasmaNet Inc, which ran Reminiscent of the earlier days, the sweepstakes site would promise people they’d won prizes but make them pay $14.99 a month to receive them. received fines exceeding a million dollars for its actions.

Joffe moved on once again. He settled in Washington, DC, turning his focus back to cybersecurity. He then managed to secure contracts with the Pentagon and FBI.

The Durham Allegations

Now Joffe is at the center of the Russiagate situation. Allegedly, he was the person who filtered communications from former President Donald Trump to the Clinton campaign. His past with swindling people came up in the investigation, showing he had credibility problems.

It also raised questions about how he managed to pass background checks when he began working with the government. Although, he never did face criminal charges in the matters and settled his cases to avoid judgments.

If Durham’s allegations are true, then regardless of how he managed to get close enough to steal information from a presidential campaign and the White House, Joffe could now face serious consequences for the scheme.

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