Convicted KILLER Reportedly Linked To More Deaths

Convicted Murderer Charged for More Killings

Convicted Murderer Charged for More Killings

( – Gary R Muehlberg is currently in prison for the 1993 murder of a man during an argument. His conviction in 1995 earned him a life sentence. Based on new evidence and his confession, it might also have saved lives. Authorities in St. Louis have recently uncovered five more murders tied to the felon. The 73-year-old admitted he killed the victims in the early 1990s.

The discovery that Muehlberg killed the women finally revealed the identity of the Package Killer, known for leaving victims’ bodies in some type of package. Prosecutors charged him on September 20 with four counts of murder related to victims, who authorities discovered gagged, strangled, and with their faces covered inside various containers, including barrels, boxes, garbage cans, and, in one case, tied between two mattresses. He also put his 1993 victim, Kenneth Atchison, into a box after taking his life.

The cases had long gone cold, but Detective Sergeant Jodi Weber reopened them in 2008, hoping to use DNA to find the killer. She found a match in the system because of Muehlberg’s previous murder conviction.

After bargaining to avoid the death penalty, the man admitted to officials he killed the women and provided more details, according to St. Louis Post Dispatch. According to reports, he apologized for his actions in a letter, saying he hoped the information he provided would bring “closure to all directly or indirectly” impacted by his actions.

Prosecutors from three counties are bringing first-degree murder charges against the convict in four cases. Investigators are still reportedly looking into one offense because the victim, who Muehlberg left in a barrel, remains unidentified.

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