Convicted Murderer Released Decades Early Faces Charges Again

Convicted Murderer Released Decades Early Faces Charges Again

Convicted MURDERER Faces New Charges – Guess What They Are!

( – Americans call the courts, lawyers, and jails in this nation the US justice system because it convicts criminals and ensures they serve sentences appropriate for their crimes. However, some state District Attorneys have been trying to minimize the time some people serve behind bars, angering quite a few who would rather see the criminals remain there. This topic became more heated recently when the court system released one California gang member early — who allegedly went on to commit more crimes.

In 2015, Andres Cachu, a gang member, shot and killed Louis Amela in Los Angeles during a robbery. The following year, a jury tried him as an adult and sentenced him to 50 years in prison. Soon after his sentence, a new California law passed that allowed juveniles tried as adults to seek lesser sentences.

Cachu tried to get released upon turning 25 and aging out of juvenile prison. He succeeded, and the court system freed him in November 2021, just five years into his 50-year sentence. However, on Tuesday, July 19, police arrested Cachu again after a brief car chase.

Cachu had fallen asleep in a car when police approached his vehicle. According to a press release, the gang member likely had drugs in his system and a gun tucked near his waist. After driving into a curb, Cachu surrendered to police and now will face a new slew of drug-related charges against him.

The District Attorney facing backlash for Cachu’s previous release is District Attorney George Gascón. Notably, a movement to recall him gained some momentum early this year after critics said crime had gotten worse since he stepped into his position.

Some people might criticize a DA for letting criminals go free so early, while others still believe people deserve second chances. What do you think about early prison releases like this?

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