Cop Gets Promoted After 2022 Suspension

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

( – Aimee Linson from Minneapolis, who had served in the police force for 25 years and was suspended for over a year after sending a racist email out, has now been promoted to the homicide unit’s leader in the department.

Originally, Linson was suspended with paid leave in March 2022 amid a Minnesota Department of Human Rights investigation which found that the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) had been following a discriminatory policy. It was also discovered that in 2012, Linson, who had served as the force’s sergeant, forwarded an email chain with the subject line, “Only in the Ghetto” to at least eight of her colleagues.

The Associated Press in their report noted that in the email, there were 16 pictures out of which close to half portrayed Black people in a negative light. During the probe, Linson said that she had no recollection of sending out the email nearly a decade earlier.

The investigation was opened shortly after George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis police officer. Lt. Richard Zimmerman, who will be replaced by Linson, was one of the murder trial’s key witnesses.

Last year, Linson received a written reprimand over the email but was reinstated. Her recent promotion has also been heavily criticized by many community advocates.

Racial Justice Network’s Kimberly Milliard stated that the city was not committed to ensuring that there were changes and they were consistently doing the same things that had created the original need for consent decrees.

According to the Star Tribune, Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara defended the promotion, arguing that Linson was the “most qualified” candidate for the position and adding that Linson regretted sending the email.

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