Cops Pull Off Last-Minute Rescue of Man Inside Burning Vehicle

Cops Pull Off Last-Minute Rescue When Man Gets Trapped in Burning Vehicle

Cops Pull Someone Out Of A Car… Just Before Tragedy Strikes!

( – You never know when you’re going to need a group of police officers to come to your rescue. For 46-year-old Saverio Depinto of Tonawanda, New York, that was just who he needed this week after he drove through a stop sign and crashed into a pole, setting a fire off inside his car.

On Thursday afternoon, April 28, multiple Tonawanda cops arrived at the scene of a car accident after Depinto had hit a pole with his SUV and driven through a fence and onto a grass field. Upon arrival, the officers noticed smoke inside the car. Officer Sarah Heft used her collapsable baton to begin breaking the passenger window and yelling at the driver to unlock the door. Her coworker Alyxander Pasquale managed to open the door on the other side and dragged Depinto to safety before flames fully engulfed the car.

WGRZ-TV shared bodycam footage of the incident:

Officers charged Depinto with reckless endangerment, driving while impaired, and multiple traffic infractions. While Depinto did put himself in danger by driving illegally, he was incredibly lucky these officers worked quickly to pull him out in the nick of time — just before the fire could have taken his life.

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