Could Dems Get Their Way in a GOP-Controlled House?

Photo by PartTime Portraits on Unsplash

( – Despite the GOP having gained control of the House of Representatives in the 2022 midterm elections, it could still be possible for the Democrats to push for an immigration reform bill that would give citizenship to illegal immigrants who were first brought into the US as children.

The reason for this is simple — the GOP currently has a very narrow majority. In order for any bill to pass, only five moderates would need to support the legislation promoted by the Democrats, according to a report from The Free Beacon. While there are those on the ultraconservative side of the GOP that would never support such a sweeping bill, there are others within the party who could have a different perspective.

Progressives have been trying to introduce a bill that would grant residency to millions of migrants as well as provide more work visa opportunities for foreigners.

Senior Republican aides have also noted that all of the concessions that Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) had to make in order to win the Speakership could lead to the Democrats having more chances to pass the bill.

There is also the possibility of bringing the bill to the floor through a discharge petition. This would include having 218 members sign in favor of the bill being brought to the floor, The Free Beacon reported.

Another senior GOP aide in an interview with The Free Beacon noted that it is completely possible for the Democrats to bring in immigration reforms, as the GOP’s immigration plan is not currently supported by all of the GOP members. Especially if the Supreme Court rules against Biden and allows Title 42 to continue being in existence, there might even be more opportunity for the Democrats to sweep in with their own legislation.

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