Could Finland and Sweden Join NATO?

Could Finland and Sweden Join NATO?

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has forced nations around the globe to think about who their allies are and whether they are willing to stand up for their values. Residents of Finland and Sweden, two nations famous for their neutrality, are now demonstrating support for joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to bolster their future security.

Currently, NATO considers both Finland and Sweden Enhanced Opportunity Partners with NATO countries even though neither nation has expressed interest in becoming official members of the alliance in decades.

Finland, which shares an 830-mile border with Russia, fought against Russia in both World Wars, but it sought practical ties with its eastern neighbor for the past 50 years. Yet, joining NATO would give both Finland and Sweden a sense of security as Putin seeks to expand Russia back into Eastern Europe. Recent polls show citizens in both nations are calling for their governments to apply for NATO membership. Still, this would be a clear step away from any semblance of neutrality or friendship with Putin.

The Los Angeles Times shared more about the situation:

It’s still unclear whether or not either country will apply to become official members, but reports say Swedish Democrats are reviewing the nation’s stance on NATO. Meanwhile, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said in late February that Putin’s invasion would change “the debate on NATO membership.” Sweden and Finland also recently sent weapons to Ukraine to aid them in their fight against Russia.

The fact that Sweden, a notoriously neutral country that hasn’t allied itself with any other nation since 1939, is taking these actions shows how much Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has impacted the world. Now, every nation will watch closely as these two countries decide who their friends – and enemies – truly are.

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