Could Ghislaine Maxwell Get a Mistrial?

Could Ghislaine Maxwell Seek Mistrial?

( – When a jury found the late pedophile Jeffery Epstein’s mistress and partner Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of five of six counts of enticement and conspiracy of sex trafficking, many celebrated the move towards justice for their victims. However, one juror recently spoke about his experience on the jury and his childhood history of abuse, potentially giving the disgraced British socialite grounds for a mistrial.

On Wednesday, January 5, The Independent journalist Lucia Osborne-Crowley shared an interview with a juror in Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial that she refers to by his first and middle name, Scotty David. David reportedly told the other eleven jurors about his experience with sexual abuse in order to convince them that the witness testimonies were “all believable.” According to The New York Times, another juror also admitted to having discussed his own abuse with the rest of the jury.

The New York Post shared more information on the possibility of a mistrial:

Following the comments, news outlets reported that prosecutors want the court to investigate the matter more closely. Maxwell’s lawyers have also requested a new trial.

Scotty David told Reuters that he “flew through” the jury questionnaire. If an investigation reveals he did not disclose his prior sexual abuse, Maxwell’s lawyers could use that as grounds for a mistrial, as it may have affected David’s “ability to serve fairly and impartially.”

For this juror, who was so excited to bring justice to victims, a mistrial could turn the tables and give Maxwell and her lawyers a chance to try again for a not guilty verdict. While this is disheartening to many, it is a reminder that the US Constitution guarantees every person in this nation a fair trial by a jury of their peers.

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