Could Liberals Take Control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court?

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

( – The Wisconsin Supreme Court Race has millions of dollars in funding as the state moves towards an election that could help determine the direction of the state in many key issues such as abortion rights and redistricting. According to POLITICO, the court currently has a 4-3 conservative majority, with one of the conservative justices consistently swinging away from the conservative bloc during major cases.

However, with one conservative justice retiring, the April 4 election is the perfect opportunity for the court to have a liberal-leaning majority. It’s believed that the state Supreme Court race will be the most expensive of its kind to date, with many groups interested in the abortion issue providing funding. The Brennan Center for Justice recorded that previously, the record for spending was $15 million in 2004. Wisconsin already poured $10.4 million into advertising in the runup to the primary, AdImpact data suggests.

POLITICO reports that Wisconsin Democratic Party chair Ben Wikler has stated that “this election is off the charts” when it comes to money, stakes, and what the two people are investing. He added that the election could decide the state’s political future and that the state swings in the future. The results of the election are also expected to have a big effect on abortion access in the state.

The race currently has two conservative candidates and two liberal candidates. The race has particularly intensified between Democratic Milwaukee County judge Janet Protasiewicz and Republican former Justice Daniel Kelly.

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