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NASA Conducts DART Mission To Test Defenses

NASA Conducts DART Mission To Test Defenses

( – Various fictional stories have featured a massive asteroid barreling its way toward Earth. The impact could cause devastation on a level never before seen. While these stories are simply a product of creative minds, NASA has concerns that someday, a similar scenario could become a reality. In response, the agency created a defense system called the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART). It’s intended to divert the course of a celestial body that might threaten Earth. A test on September 26 showed the agency achieved its first benchmark.

DART is a defense system designed to protect against comets and asteroids that might threaten Earth. It’s the first of its kind in existence. The first step in the mission involved impacting a particular asteroid, which happened on the 26th.

DART targeted the asteroid Dimorphos and impacted close to the intended spot. At 7:14 pm, mission control declared a hit when the vessel lost contact as it crashed into the rock.

While Dimorphos wasn’t a threat, it was instrumental to the overall plan. NASA professionals will continue monitoring the asteroid to see how its flight path changed, marking off the second phase of this test. If they manage to divert the large celestial rock, NASA will determine the viability of using a spacecraft to hit a specific target in space to redirect its path.

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