Could Trump Face New Investigation Over Payments?

Photo by Savannah Lakes Village on Unsplash

( – The Democracy for Arab World Now group is pushing lawmakers and authorities to launch an investigation into the payments received by Donald Trump in return for hosting the Saudi Arabia-backed LIV Golf tour at his resorts.

DAWN has alleged that there are many issues regarding the golf tour and the payments received for it, according to a report from Newsweek. The organization is critical of Saudi Arabia as it was created by supporters of Jamal Khashoggi, a murdered journalist whose death is closely tied to the Saudi government.

The PGA sued the LIV tournament, which has also led to more information regarding the funding of the event being provided. In fact, on January 13, during the court proceedings, it became clear that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is using the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund to cover the entirety of the costs for the events. Apart from covering all the costs, he holds around 93 percent ownership of LIV, Newsweek reports.

While LIV Gold was originally established in 2021, DAWN has alleged that the PIF’s ownership of LIV Golf was not previously known. The tournament, which is closely connected to Crown Prince Salman, has been accused of being a “sportwashing” vehicle.

Newsweek notes that Trump in particular has received a lot of criticism over his decision to host LIV Golf events in his resorts, which is why DAWN is now claiming that the connection between LIV Golf and the former President needs to be further investigated.

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