Counties Sued for Trying To Keep Out Asylum Seekers

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday, June 7, NYC Mayor Eric Adams (Democrat) announced that the city would be suing 30 New York counties over their recent executive orders that are trying to block New York City from transporting their asylum-seekers to their jurisdictions.

According to a Fox News report, Adams said in a statement that the lawsuits being filed were specifically going to try and stop the “xenophobic bigotry” and would be focused on ensuring that everyone in the state of New York collaborated in order to help deal with this humanitarian crisis in the best and most humane way possible. This is something that they have been focused on from the start and something that will continue to have their attention.

In his statement, he pointed out that there are at least 30 counties that have currently filed executive orders barring New York City from planning to send asylum-seekers from the city to seek shelter in hotels in their jurisdiction. The lawsuit claims that these executive orders are completely “unlawful” and are blocking New York City from actually handling the statewide humanitarian crisis.

The announcement also said that the city is currently providing shelter to more than 47,200 asylum-seekers. Adams said that ever since the start of this crisis, New York city has had to stand on its own in providing shelter, food, clothing and resources to those asylum-seekers that reached the state. Adams pointed out that they have always done their part and will continue to do so, but that every locality would also need to step up and do their “part.”

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