Court Reaches Decision After Death of FBI Photographer

Court Reaches Decision After Death of FBI Photographer

( – The mysterious death of an FBI photographer created tension between her family and her husband. Despite no criminal prosecution, the family did get good news in their civil case.

On February 18, Madison County Judge Karen Hall ordered Greg Miller to pay $1.5 million in damages to the family of his late wife, Kathleen Miller. She also found him responsible for her death, which led the court to turn over the Miller family home, along with Kathleen’s assets and insurance policy payout to the family.

Kathleen’s family filed the lawsuit in June 2021 against her husband Greg to prevent him from getting financial benefits after her 2019 death. Kathleen drowned during a vacation in North Carolina’s Nantahala National Forest in October 2019. The medical examiner found the drowning was intentional, and her family questioned what happened because she was an avid swimmer.

Law enforcement ruled the death a homicide in February 2021 and named Greg a person of interest, but they have never filed charges against him. Greg refused to participate in hearings and investigations or cooperate with other court requests in either the criminal or civil matters.

The family feels they obtained some justice for Kathleen. Now, they are searching for Greg to recover the money he owes them.

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