New Crime Raises Questions About Allegedly Lax ICE Policies

Undocumented Immigrant Indicted After Brutal Murder

( – Former President Donald Trump took a hardline approach to the enforcement of immigration laws and the security of the nation’s southern border. His administration also operated a zero-tolerance policy when it came to illegal immigrants living inside the United States.

However, those efforts quickly crumbled once President Biden assumed office earlier this year. Now the public is questioning whether or not a New Mexico man paid the ultimate price for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials’ lax enforcement efforts.

On June 29, a New Mexico grand jury indicted Joel Arciniega-Saenz, 25, for the alleged murder of James Garcia, 51. Records obtained by local news media accuse Arciniega-Saenz of stabbing Garcia to death.

Could this murder have been avoided? According to Breitbart News, Arciniega-Saenz shouldn’t have even been let out on bail because of ICE rules regarding his immigration status. Breitbart News claims to have reached out to ICE officials who confirmed that Arciniega-Saenz was in the United States illegally. He has an extensive criminal record, but if this is true, US authorities for some reason released him on bail before the murder, even though he had an ICE detainer on file.

Was this murder simply an example of a man with a prior criminal record hitting the streets again? Or is it a grim reminder of the consequences of the Biden administration’s lax attitude regarding border protection? By allowing known criminals like Arciniega-Saenz to walk free in the US, officials could be putting citizens at risk.

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