Critical Operation Leads To MASSIVE Drug Bust – Suspect To Plead Guilty!

Federal Agents Make Massive Drug Bust in Rhode Island

Federal Agents Make Massive Drug Bust in Rhode Island

( – Various drugs are becoming more prevalent in American society. From fentanyl and methamphetamines to cocaine and heroin, both adults and kids can obtain just about any illegal substances if they try hard enough. Authorities are working to stop distributors in their tracks to fight back against this epidemic. They were successful in Rhode Island earlier this year after finding over $4.6 million worth of methamphetamine and other drugs disguised as Adderall pills.

On March 28, 2022, federal agents arrested Dylan Rodas, 27, and charged him with intent to distribute illegal drugs. During the Project Safe Neighborhoods investigation, authorities found over 660,000 meth-laced fake Adderall pills, 1,000 fentanyl pills, two automatic pill presses, and 250 grams of cocaine. There were also multiple guns and $15,000 in cash. According to the Justice Department’s press release, this is one of the largest methamphetamine seizures carried out by the DEA’s New England Field Division.

Rodas is pleading guilty to the charges against him and seeking a plea deal. The federal district judge will decide the final sentence, although prosecutors reportedly want to see him behind bars for 10 years. According to the DOJ, United States Attorney Zachary A. Cunha remarked the days had passed when New England was “spared the full impact of methamphetamine.” He called the quantity of street-ready drugs seized “staggering.”

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