Crypto Company CO-FOUNDER Dies Suddenly!

Crypto Co-Founder Suddenly Dies

Crypto Co-Founder Suddenly Dies

( – In a new blow to the embattled cryptocurrency sector, the co-founder of a major trading company has died unexpectedly. It’s the second death of a crypto millionaire in less than a month and closely follows the dramatic collapse of giant trader FTX.

In 2017, Hong Kong resident Tiantian Kullander set up cryptocurrency asset trader Amber Group along with former Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs co-workers. This year, Amber was valued at $3 billion and employed more than 300 people in Asia and Canada. Kullander earned a place on Forbes’ Under 30 list of young achievers. However, on November 23, he died unexpectedly in his sleep.

A company statement described Kullander as “a respected thought leader,” an industry pioneer and “a great partner and a true friend.” He was also praised as a husband and father by his family. His colleagues say they plan to work even harder to build Amber Group as his legacy — but the cryptocurrency market is navigating stormy waters right now.

On November 10, another young crypto founder, Nikolai Mushegian, drowned on a beach in Puerto Rico. Mushegian, who was reported to have had mental health issues, claimed the “CIA and Mossad and pedo elite” were trying to frame him. The next day, FTX, the world’s third-largest crypto trader, declared bankruptcy — wiping out billions of dollars of investments and retirement savings.

Following revelations of unsafe deals by FTX founder and liberal donor Sam Bankman-Fried, will investors lose confidence in the fashionable “assets?”

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