Cuomo Announces Resignation After Scathing Investigative Report

Cuomo Announces Resignation After Scathing Investigative Report

( – For decades, the Cuomo family has dominated New York politics, beginning with Mario Cuomo’s rise to the governor’s office in 1982. He served three terms as governor, as would his son and political heir, Andrew Cuomo. However, all that came to an abrupt, if not unexpected, end on Tuesday, August 10, when Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation.

He accompanied the announcement (effective in 14 days) with a lengthy speech about the New York Attorney General’s August 3 report. Cuomo discussed the findings of a five-month investigation into claims he sexually assaulted and harassed 11 current and former state employees and asserted his innocence. However, he said he would resign to spare New Yorkers the expense of a potentially lengthy impeachment proceeding in the New York State Assembly.

As one might expect, the response to Cuomo’s resignation was swift and rather harsh in some instances. New York’s Democratic Attorney General Letitia James noted that Cuomo’s resignation “closes a sad chapter” for New Yorkers.

House Republican Conference head, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), didn’t mince words in her statement. As she explained, Cuomo’s resignation was “long past overdue” and called for his arrest and prosecution for sexual harassment, assault, and abuse. She also lashed out at Democratic efforts to downplay Cuomo’s “systemic culture of criminal corruption [and] political vengeance.”

As a fitting footnote to this sad affair, Cuomo’s successor, Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, will become the first woman to serve as New York’s governor when Cuomo’s resignation takes effect in two weeks.

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