Cyberattacks That Rocked the US in 2021

Cyberattacks That Rocked the US in 2021

( – From healthcare organizations to food suppliers, it seems no industry was safe from cybercriminals in 2021. While America is working hard to secure its data, hackers still carried out numerous cyberattacks that left various businesses devastated this year. The April Colonial Pipeline hack and the Kaseya IT infrastructure infiltration are two such attacks.

Last spring, the DarkSide gang allegedly targeted the Colonial Pipeline’s billing software, forcing gasoline shortages to plague the East Coast for a few weeks. Consumers panicked and scrambled to hoard gasoline, further complicating the situation. Eventually, the Colonial Pipeline paid the hackers $4.4 million in bitcoin to fix their network, although US authorities recovered most of that money.

Another major hacker group, REvil, reportedly targeted the IT infrastructure business Kaseya and held over 1,000 different companies’ IT systems for ransom. During the attack, Swedish grocery chain Coop had to close hundreds of stores for one week until their systems were back online. While Kaseya restored its clients’ systems without ransom, the intense attacks still wreaked havoc on the economy.

One IT security company collected more information on some of the biggest ransomware attacks this year:

Cyber dangers have become increasingly prevalent this year and will likely only increase in 2022. Hopefully, Americans will choose to educate themselves on internet and data security to keep their businesses and communities safe amidst these growing threats.

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