Dangerous HURRICANE Hits – Multiple Deaths Reported!

Hurricane Julia Wreaks Havoc in Central America

Hurricane Julia Hits Central America, Leaves Death in Its Wake

(ConservativeHub.com) – Hurricane Julia smashed into Central America, leaving destruction in its wake just after the United States took a pounding from Hurricane Ian. Julia first hit Nicaragua on October 9 during the early morning hours. While much weaker than Ian, the Caribbean storm had winds of about 85 mph when it hit the coast and maintained 30 mph winds as it continued inland.

Julia poured rain over Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, and Costa Rica. Flood waters claimed lives and forced citizens from their homes. At least 28 people died due to the storm.

Hurricane Julia led to deaths in multiple countries. In Guatemala, for instance, authorities reported the collapse of a hill led to five individuals dying inside their homes. Mexico lost a soldier and eight others during a rescue operation. Meanwhile, deaths were also reported in Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador, according to AP News.

Damage from Julia destroyed infrastructure, wiped out homes, and left dams precariously in danger of failure. Trees were down all over the country, leading to more damage.

Despite the downgrading of the storm on October 10, authorities still cautioned citizens about the risks from flood waters and landslides in the region. Rescue operations were ongoing at that point.

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