Dangerous Suspect Killed by Police After Burglary in Seattle

Dangerous Suspect Killed by Police After Burglary in Seattle

(ConservativeHub.com) – Anytime a police officer has to shoot his or her firearm, it is a tragic situation. One of the goals of law enforcement officers is never to have to draw their guns. But in some cases, the circumstances require that step. A recent burglary in Washington turned violent when the suspect decided to attack, and police used deadly force to end it.

On January 5, Seattle police responded to reports of a man breaking into a home in the 2200 block of South Eddy. Armed with a knife, the suspect began to flee when a K9 unit arrived on the scene. The K9 officer took down the man, who then allegedly killed the dog and injured an officer during a struggle. Another policeman who had arrived on the scene fatally shot the suspect.

The assaulted officer suffered minor stab wounds to the face. Assistant Chief Tom Mahaffey said the Civilian Office of Professional Accountability and the Inspector General, along with the Seattle Police Department Force Investigations Team, will investigate the incident.

The department said it would release video footage from the scene within 72 hours.

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