Deadly Blaze Breaks Out in New York

Deadly Blaze Breaks Out in New York

( – Every few years, a deadly fire breaks out somewhere in New York City, destroying the lives of many Big Apple residents. This month, a space heater malfunctioned, causing a blaze and overwhelming smoke to spread throughout a high-rise apartment building in the Bronx.

On Sunday, January 9, residents began to flee their third-floor apartment in the Bronx after their space heater caught fire. In their haste, the residents did not close the door to their dwelling, allowing the flames to quickly spread to the rest of the building. Reports say that because fire alarms going off is a common occurrence in many New York City apartment buildings, many people ignored the initial alarms until they saw smoke coming under their doors.

This delayed reaction, in addition to the quickly spreading blaze and the building’s lack of fire escapes, killed 17 people so far and injured dozens more. Initial reports listed 19 casualties, but fortunately, that figure went down. Officials counted at least 9 children in the death toll, and 13 people are in critical condition and fighting for their lives in the surrounding hospitals.

The Associated Press shared the breaking news:

Many of the building’s residents were immigrants from The Gambia, and it was often described as a mixing bowl of various races and ethnicities. This tragedy caused not only an enormous loss of life but has uprooted dozens of families now seeking to rebuild their lives amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, the city is banding together to support these families, but it’s an incredibly hard and sad situation no matter what.

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