Deadly Storms Could Cost Billions, Report Says

Deadly Storms Could Cost Billions, Report Says

( РFew people can predict the damage a natural disaster will do. Tornadoes, in particular, pop up so quickly there’s often nothing potential victims can do to prepare before the wind storms tear through a town and destroy homes, churches, and businesses. In the American Midwest, this happened as multiple, severe storms wreaked havoc on communities in Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, and other states over the weekend.

Officials surveyed the aftermath of multiple tornadoes that tore through Kentucky. As of Tuesday, December 14, the harsh weather killed at least 74 people, completely destroyed at least 1,000 homes, and disconnected power to at least 28,000 additional residences in the state. Across all five states, the current death toll sits at 88, and thousands more homes have taken damage. Reuters Science News shared predictions of the losses:

Karen Clark & Company initially offered an estimate of about $3 billion in losses. However, credit rating agency Fitch estimated the insured losses across the Midwest might rise to $5 billion. The storms destroyed the Mayfield, Kentucky candle factory and collapsed an Amazon facility in Illinois, causing multiple deaths. Numerous deaths also occurred in Tennessee, Missouri, and Arkansas.

Experts expect the death toll to rise in most places as many people remain missing. Thankfully, rescue workers and aid relief organizations are working around the clock to rescue as many potential survivors as possible after such a horrific disaster.

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