Death Row Inmates Advocate for Firing Squads Over Lethal Injection

Death Row Inmates Advocate for Firing Squads Over Lethal Injection

( – As dozens of people face the death penalty across the country, there are always discussions and debates over the most effective and constitutional way of executing someone. In Oklahoma, two death row inmates are hoping to have their lives ended by firing squad rather than lethal injection, although the state has never used a firing squad as an execution method.

Oklahoma death row inmates Donald Grant and Gilbert Postelle have asked US District Judge Stephen Friot to delay their upcoming executions, scheduled on January 27 and February 17, respectively, until the courts can decide the constitutionality of Oklahoma’s lethal injection. Currently, the three-drug cocktail is the only form used in the state, but current state laws would allow alternatives to the practice if the courts ban lethal injection for any reason. A trial is set to begin at the end of February that will address the constitutionality of the lethal injection.

Grant and Postelle’s request came after the dramatic lethal injection of death row inmate John Marion Grant last year, who convulsed and vomited while undergoing execution. The Huffington Post shared a quote from one of the men’s lawyers:

Judge Friot declined to make a judgment after hearing the arguments on Monday, January 10, but he’ll likely have a decision by the end of the week. The methods of carrying out execution create an interesting controversy, and hopefully, judges can help decipher the laws and constitutionality of a lethal injection execution to provide answers on this issue as soon as possible.

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