Delta Flight Suffers Delay Due To Bees

Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

( – A Delta flight was delayed not by weather, late arrivals, maintenance, or mismanagement, but rather by a swarm of bees. The Hill recently reported that passengers waiting to take a flight from Houston, TX to Atlanta, GA last week experienced a delay caused by bees on the plane’s wings.

Anjali Enjeti, a user on Twitter, posted a picture of the swarm of bees that were on the wing tip. She added that the crews would not allow any of the passengers to board the plane until after the bees were successfully evicted. In a different picture provided to Nexstar, the bees can be seen swarming about the upper part of the wing’s tip.

Enjeti, who created a social media thread detailing what had happened, revealed that the crew was hoping that a beekeeper could be brought in to handle the situation, but they would be permitted to touch the plane.

For this reason, the captain tried to move the plan along the runway in hopes that the bees would leave. Ground equipment was deployed in an effort to return the plane, after which the bees eventually left.

Delta confirmed that the swarm of bees had caused the delay, adding that while this is an uncommon occurrence this is not the first time that a delay has been caused by bees.

The Hill reported that this wasn’t the first time bees caused an issue with a flight. For instance, a group of bees forced crew members to halt the travel of a US Air Force craft back in 2016. It was reported at the time that almost 20,000 bees had been on an F-22 Raptor’s exhaust nozzle. Veteran Andy Westrich solved the problem by using vacuum hose to move the bees to a colony.

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