Dementia Cases to Rise by 40%, According to WHO

Dementia Cases to Rise by 40%, According to WHO

( – Dementia mainly affects the elderly and is the seventh leading cause of death. More than 55 million people live with the disease globally, and clinicians report nearly 10 million new cases annually. A new report from the World Health Organization (WHO) paints a grim picture concerning dementia for the next few decades unless something changes.

On September 2, the WHO updated its Dementia Fact Sheet with the disturbing news that, due to the rising elderly population, it projects the number of people with dementia to rise to 78 million by 2030. This is about a 40% increase in just nine years. Meanwhile, the organization projects that number to reach nearly 140 million by 2050.

Currently, there is no known cure for dementia. The WHO reports that scientists continue working on treatment options, and some potential regimens are working their way through clinical trials.

According to the WHO website, some of the main priorities for addressing dementia include:

  • Better diagnosis to facilitate early care and management;
  • Improving healthcare systems and strategies for dementia;
  • Increasing information and long-term caregiver support

The WHO has a nearly 300-page iSupport for Dementia training and support manual available for free for caretakers of people who have dementia, including family members and friends.

Should we be doing more to address this syndrome and help our aging population?

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