Democrat Resigns from Position Over Criminal Charges

Democrat Resigns from Position Amid Criminal Case

( – Vincent Bugliosi successfully prosecuted 105 of 106 felony cases, including Charles Manson, while serving as a deputy district attorney for Los Angeles County. He left the district attorney’s office in 1972, entered private practice, and wrote a series of best-selling crime books. In one of his novels, Bugliosi wrote prosecutors represent “the people,” including defendants and victims. Apparently, a Georgia district attorney didn’t embrace that concept and ended up losing his job and freedom as a result.

On Monday, November 15, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr announced suspended District Attorney Mark Jones had pleaded guilty to four felony charges related to his conduct in office. District Court Judge Katherine Lumsden sentenced him to one year in prison and four years of supervised probation. He also agreed to pay a $1,000 fine and resign as district attorney.

Jones’ plea bargain came days after jurors started deliberating on nine charges filed against him. On November 12, they advised the court they unanimously agreed to convict him on three charges. However, the judge ordered them to continue deliberating on the remaining charges.

Jones pleaded to multiple charges, including attempting to influence a police officer’s testimony, offering bribes to two deputy district attorneys, and trying to influence and prevent a crime victim from testifying. Jones allegedly committed his crimes to obtain convictions by illicit means.

Judge Lumsden noted during Jones’ sentencing hearing that his crimes differed from typical ones involving public corruption. “You didn’t line your pockets,” she said. However, “You forgot about the people… you represent.”

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