Democratic Leader and Her Husband Face Weapons Charges

Democratic Leader and Her Husband Face Weapons Charges

( – Rochester’s Democrat Mayor Lovely Ann Warren is no stranger to legal problems. In 2020, New York prosecutors indicted Warren on two felony charges related to her 2017 mayoral campaign. Warren and her estranged husband, Timothy Granison, now face multiple charges in their latest run-in with law enforcement officials.

On Friday, July 16, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley and New York State Police officials announced a grand jury had indicted both Warren and Granison on a felony firearm possession charge and two misdemeanor charges related to endangering the welfare of a child and failure to secure firearms in a dwelling.

The charges stem from the execution of a search warrant at Warren’s residence on May 19 as part of a seven-month investigation into Granison’s alleged role in a narcotics ring. Investigators arrested him at the time on one firearm and two drug possession charges.

Prosecutors allege the couple‚Äôs 10-year-old daughter was left unattended in their home with an unsecured semi-automatic rifle and a handgun. Warren maintains she did nothing wrong and knows nothing about Granison’s activities or the weapons police found in the home.

The court hasn’t yet set a date for Warren and Granison’s formal arraignment.

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