Democrats Apologize After Posing With Controversial Banner

Democrats Apologize After Posing With Controversial Banner

( – Anyone in the public eye has to be careful about the messages they support or put out to the public. Any little oversight can reflect poorly. Two state senators from New York learned this hard lesson after a climate rally in Albany.

Democratic Senators Rachel May and Robert Jackson attended an event on March 8 at the state capitol. The group holding the rally asked for funding for the climate agenda in the state budget. The two lawmakers posed with a banner with artwork depicting a message comparing 9/11 to climate change.

The sign showed the pre-9/11 New York skyline and a plane flying at the Twin Towers with the words “climate change” on it and the message “Wake up American before it’s too late” over the image. They posed behind the banner, and the images quickly spread via social media.

The backlash was swift, with people saying it was ignorant to make the comparison. They called it shameful to use 9/11, the worst domestic terrorism incident on American soil, for a political message.

After the backlash, the senators apologized and explained they had no idea what the sign said — but there’s a video of Jackson reading it. He responded on Twitter, saying he didn’t realize the content on the banner and would never support something that diminishes the tragedy of 9/11. He also proclaimed he “fully reject[s]” the content.

May tweeted the banner’s content “is unacceptable,” and she doesn’t endorse the “cynical use of our state’s history.” She also called on the event’s organizers to condemn the sign.

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