Democrats Reintroduce Devastating Pro-Abortion Bill

Democrats Reintroduce Devastating Pro-Abortion Bill

( – Presidents have played political ping pong with the Mexico City Policy since Ronald Reagan drafted it in 1985. The policy bars US funding for any foreign organizations that provide abortion services or offer information about the procedure. Democratic presidents (including Joe Biden) rescind the rule when they get into office, and Republican presidents reinstate it.

House Democrats reintroduced the Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act on Tuesday, March 2, which could serve to block that decades-long back-and-forth action on the policy.

The Democratic bill seeks to expand the availability of funding for overseas abortion services. The Mexico City Policy requires foreign NGOs to confirm they won’t “perform” or “promote” abortion as a “family planning” method. The new bill would permanently rescind that requirement and fully restore the use of US taxpayer funds for abortions.

Democrats like Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) are attempting to justify the bill by claiming that restoring US funding for terminations would stop “unsafe abortion.” If Democrats get their way, those risks will transfer to unborn children who lack the means to defend themselves.

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