Democrats Reportedly Dissatisfied With Biden

Democrats Reportedly Dissatisfied With Biden

Presidential FAILURE – Democrats Getting FED UP With Biden?

( – During the 2020 election, many Democrats held high hopes that their candidate, Joe Biden, would be able to rally their party and push through top agenda items if he made it to the White House. However, after a year and a half in office, the party is reportedly growing more disillusioned with the president, who fumbled the US withdrawal of Afghanistan, saw the overturning of SCOTUS’ Roe v. Wade precedent, and was unable to tamp down inflation which hit a 40-year-high. They’re also not afraid to express their dissatisfaction.

Monmouth Poll Shows an Overview of America’s Lack of Optimism

On Tuesday, July 5, Monmouth University released results from a poll it conducted with 978 adults by phone from June 23 to 27. The data has a margin of error of 3.1%.

As of this June survey, American approval of Biden sunk to 36%. Alongside this, Americans’ Congressional approval dropped to its lowest approval rating reported since September 2016 at 15%.

Additionally, the poll found that only 10% of US adults believe the country is “going in the right direction,” with 88% believing it’s “on the wrong track.” It seems many top Democrats also reflect this pessimism about their president and nation.

A Democratic strategist told The Hill that Biden’s lack of action in light of mass shootings and high inflation is “infuriating,” noting it seems like the head of the nation is “doing nothing to put the fire out.”

Another Democratic strategist, Joel Payne, mentioned to The Hill that the party is “thirsty for political clarity and leadership,” but that’s something Biden does not seem able to provide right now for whatever reason.

Democrats Criticize Biden’s Reaction to the Highland Park Mass Shooting

The anger towards President Biden is not all generic. In response to yet another mass shooting taking place in America, the president sent out the following tweet:

Later, on the White House’s South Lawn, he took a short moment of silence for the families who lost loved ones in the attack while emphasizing how there’s “a lot more work to do,” saying, “We got to get this under control.” But, this still wasn’t the clear, direct leadership for which the Left is searching.

In contrast, POLITICO writers pointed out that Illinois Governor JB Pritzker (D) gave a much more impassioned statement:

Camille Rivera, a Democratic strategist and partner at the progressive firm New Deal Strategies, told POLITICO Biden was clearly “missing the boat” with how he handled the situation, saying “he’s got a real excitability problem.”

Similarly, Matt Bennett, co-founder of Third Way, highlighted how Biden’s statements after mass shootings and other tragedies “start to blur” together, making any amount of anger he can publicly muster useless.

Democrats Search for Anyone Else for 2024

These were just a few examples of dissatisfaction with President Biden and the prospect of his run for a second term in 2024. However, without any main contenders to take on Biden, it’s hard to say whether or not the Democratic party will have anyone else to turn to. Who do you think will run in 2024? Will Biden take another shot at it or step aside to let someone else lead the party?

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