Democrats Want Biden to Release Funds to Taliban

Democrats Want Biden to Release Funds to Taliban

( – Since the fall of the Afghan government to the Taliban, the value of the country’s currency has taken a nosedive, and starvation has threatened millions of people across the nation. Due to this humanitarian crisis, dozens of Democrats are asking President Joe Biden to release some of the Afghan central government’s assets.

On Monday, December 20, 46 Democrats signed a letter to Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen regarding Afghanistan’s refugee and hunger crisis. According to the letter and a United Nations Development Program (UNDP) report, the country’s “universal poverty” will rise from 72% to 98% if nothing changes. This increase could trigger millions of Afghans to flee the country, searching for a better life in Europe.

The Washington Post shared more about the letter:

Right now, the Biden administration has committed it will not release the $9.4 billion in Afghan assets until the Taliban forms an “inclusive” government, protecting women’s rights and their education and completely severing its connection to al-Qaeda. While Democrats think some money could be unfrozen and allocated through aid organizations directly to the Afghan people, Republicans are wary about loosening any restrictions or sanctions, letting money fall into the hands of the Taliban or giving them legitimacy.

While caring for those starving in the nation Biden haphazardly evacuated is a worthy cause, many Americans wonder if there’s any way the United States can provide aid without running the risk of further funding the Taliban’s horrific regime.

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