Dentist Caught Running Horrifying Healthcare Fraud Scheme

Dentist Caught Running Horrifying Healthcare Fraud Scheme

( – People often seek professional advice when dealing with something outside of their skillset. For example, Americans consult doctors every day to help them understand what’s happening in their bodies and dentists to keep their teeth healthy. However, one Wisconsin dentist seriously violated his patients’ trust when he purposefully damaged their teeth just so he could fix them — and get a massive payout in the process.

On Thursday, March 10, a federal jury convicted Scott Charmoli, 61, of Grafton, Wisconsin, of two counts of making false statements about healthcare and five counts of healthcare fraud. According to reports, Charmoli led a years-long scheme to pressure his patients into crown procedures. The licensed dentist would tell his patients they had a decaying tooth, then purposefully break their teeth with a drill, before finally asking insurance companies to pay for the now-needed crown.

Fox News warned people of this scheme on Twitter:

After Charmoli’s federal proceedings are over, he’ll also face a lawsuit from almost 100 of his former patients suing him for medical malpractice. Pako Major, a dentist who bought Charmoli’s dental practice in 2019, first uncovered and reported his horrific scheme. When Major saw the high rate of crown procedures in the patient records, he knew it was suspicious and reported it to authorities. Thankfully, Charmoli can no longer practice medicine and faces justice for his crimes.

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