Disaster in Indonesia Causes Multiple Deaths

Disaster in Indonesia Causes Multiple Deaths

(ConservativeHub.com) – Natural disasters can strike anywhere at any time. From earthquakes to tornadoes, many such events leave destruction in their wake. People in the East Java province of Indonesia felt nature’s wrath when Mount Semeru erupted on December 4.

The highest volcano on the island spewed forth ash reaching 40,000 feet into the air after its unexpected explosion. Heavy rains appear to have triggered the event, which blanketed the nearby areas in the Lumajang district with debris that smothered anything in its path.

Searing gases raced towards nearby villages, leaving at least 34 people dead and many more injured. As of December 7, there are still 17 people reported missing. Rescuers pulled the lifeless body of a 13-year-old boy from the rubble on December 6 after suspending rescue efforts the day before due to heavy rains.

The worst-hit area was Sumberwuluh, where ash and debris buried houses. The volcano destroyed 38 schools and almost 3,000 homes. Thousands of people have moved into emergency shelters, but some have returned to their homes despite warnings.

The weather continues to impact rescue efforts and heightened worries of another eruption from the 12,060-foot-high Mount Semeru. Several smaller eruptions have also occurred in the first disaster’s wake over the last few days. Meanwhile, reports say Lumajang will be under an emergency declaration until January 3.

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