Doctor Claims Women Should Do WHAT Before Childbirth?

Doctor Claims Women Should Do WHAT Before Childbirth?

( – As a woman gets closer to childbirth, she may be looking for any small thing to make the labor process just a little bit smoother. However, it’s critical to ensure any potential trick to speed or ease labor is truly legitimate and won’t harm the mother or child. Recently, one doctor in India claimed ingesting cow poop might actually help a woman in labor, although other medical professionals are pushing back.

In Karnal, India, Dr. Manoj Mittal filmed himself consuming a small piece of cow poop in a now-viral video. Mittal believes the vitamins and minerals in the dung, such as Vitamin B12, prevent illness and c-sections in laboring women. He also believes the practice helps “our body and mind become pure.”

The Daily Mirror shared more about Dr. Mittal and his bizarre claim:

To no one’s surprise, the national president of the Indian Medical Association, Dr. J.A. Jayalal, emphasized consuming cow dung is a common way diseases spread from animals to humans and asked readers to stay away from such practices. Instead, maybe women should talk with their own medical provider about the best decisions for themselves.

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