DOJ Investigation Uncovers FBI Scandal

DOJ Investigation Uncovers FBI Scandal

( – The public holds law enforcement officers to a high standard because of the power they have within society. When officers get into sticky ethical or moral situations, it puts their jobs on the line. A recent investigation by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) uncovered a concerning series of violations by FBI agents.

The OIG report exposed multiple FBI officials allegedly involved in activities that violated agency policies. The department released the information on December 14.

The investigation report accused four FBI agents of engaging the services of prostitutes during an overseas assignment, as well as a fifth agent who attempted to do the same but could not complete the transaction.

One of the accused agents also reportedly lied to investigators. The individual took a polygraph test which showed untruthful responses to questions about the incident.

Additionally, the probe uncovered another incident where an agent allegedly gave a package of pills to a foreign officer but failed to report the transaction to the FBI. Another agent knew about the misconduct yet didn’t report the transgression.

The OIG concluded its investigation and forwarded the report to the FBI for internal action. During the course of the investigation, one of the agents was removed from the job while four others either resigned or retired.

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