Donald Trump Emerges Victorious in Latest Straw Poll

Donald Trump Emerges Victorious in Latest Straw Poll

( – On February 26, former President Donald Trump spoke at the CPAC in Orlando, Florida. His speech was well-received by attendees who cheered him on as he addressed current issues. A straw poll carried out at the end of the event suggests he’s the favorite among GOP candidates for the 2024 election.

Approximately 59% of the attendees voted in favor of Trump, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) received 28%. Taking Trump out of the equation, DeSantis is the likely winner with 61% of the vote, showing his popularity is growing among the conservative crowd.

Some attendees believe DeSantis is doing good for Florida now, and the state needs him more than the GOP ticket does. He’s only 43, so he could easily wait until 2028 if a presidential run is in his future.

This poll isn’t the first time Trump has garnered most of the support. Last summer in Dallas, 70% of attendees made it clear he was their man.

Despite the fact straw polls have few controls and are merely tested as a matter of opinion among participants, one thing is abundantly clear: Donald Trump still holds a lot of weight with many Conservatives. While the former president still hasn’t announced whether he’s running for president again in 2024, it looks like he might have quite a bit of support if he does decide to do so.

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