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Donald Trump Wants Supreme Court To Intervene in Mar-a-Lago Case

Donald Trump Wants Supreme Court To Act in Mar-a-Lago Case

( – In early August, FBI agents raided former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida, taking thousands of official documents from his presidency, many of which reportedly bore classified or Top Secret labels. The former president previously requested to appoint a special master who would review all the documents before the Department of Justice, and Judge Raymond J. Dearie was eventually placed on the case. In their latest request, the former president’s legal team has asked the Supreme Court to intervene.

On Tuesday, October 4, Trump’s attorneys requested that Justice Clarence Thomas write an emergency order to reinstate the special master’s authority to review all classified documents collected by the FBI during their search. This comes after a lower court ruled that the Justice Department could continue looking at the documents as part of its investigation without the special master’s review. If the SCOTUS steps in, it could allow Dearie, the appointed special master, to review the approximately 100 documents to see whether they fall under attorney-client privilege, executive privilege, or any other legal exclusion which might preclude investigators from examining them.

In the filing, Trump’s lawyers said the Department of Justice and FBI have “attempted to criminalize a document management dispute,” to which they believe Judge Dearie would provide “much-needed oversight” through his examination of all records.

While Thomas asked the DOJ to respond to Trump’s request by Tuesday, October 11, the Justice could refer this issue to the full court for discussion and a decision because of the high-profile nature. If so, could the previous POTUS and the public be waiting a while before they obtain an answer as to whether or not the classified documents will be re-added to Dearie’s independent review?

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