Donations Reportedly Increase as Baby Formula Shortage Continues

Donations Reportedly Increase as Baby Formula Shortage Continues

Surprise Donations COMBATING Formula Shortage – This is Huge!

( – The shortage of baby formula in the US has many parents wondering how they will feed their babies. Worried parents are turning to milk banks that provide donated breastmilk to those in need. On May 17, Fox News reported a surge in the number of moms stepping up to help. One mother even donated a total of 45 gallons in Iowa.

Fox reported Iowa suffered more than other states from formula shortages, with the out-of-stock rate at over 50%. When Andrea Heidenreich learned about the shortfall, she jumped in to help, donating to the Mother’s Milk Bank of Iowa. She explained she overproduced and had more milk than her baby would ever need, so she wanted to help others.

ABC 5 in Missouri reported local milk banks are seeing increased donations because of the shortage. Jamie Lueders, the owner of Amber Sky Salon, a drop-off spot for donors, said she had such a massive response she had to pause donations.

The Milk Bank explains becoming a breastmilk donor takes 32 days through its program. A person must complete a multi-step process, including pre-screening, application, and blood tests, before receiving a donor number. All donation programs require screening to ensure the safety of all donated milk, but timelines for approval may vary.

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