Drone Attack Shakes Up Military Facility in Syria

Drone Attack Shakes Up Military Facility in Syria

Drone ATTACK – U.S. Base Targeted!

(ConservativeHub.com) – The US military reported a series of unmanned aerial systems (UASs) attacks on the base in Syria shared with Maghaweir al-Thowra opposition forces on August 15. In an organized defense, the troops prevented most of the drones from successfully attacking. One hit a barracks, but no property damage or injuries resulted.

The al-Tanf base sits near the joint borders of Iraq, Jordan, and Syria on the Baghdad-Damascus highway, a road often used by Iranians. The compound serves as a training facility for US soldiers to help prepare Syrian troops to patrol the area and protect against Islamic State militants.

Due to the facility’s location, it’s in the thick of tensions between Syria and Iraq, yet attacks are generally infrequent. Still, last October and again in December, officials in the US accused Iran of drone strikes on al-Tanf with UASs carrying explosives. They allegedly targeted US and opposition fighters.

After Monday’s events, Combined Joint Task Force commander Major General John Brennan denounced the attacks, saying they endangered the lives of civilians and allies, according to AP News. They also allegedly disrupt the mission to keep the area free from ISIS influence. However, it’s notable that no group has stepped forward and claimed the attack.

Drones have targeted several bases and military convoys in Syria and Iraq since the US eliminated General Qasem Soleimani, an officer who was part of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, in January of 2020.

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